Chitoseya Ryokan
Sendai Japan

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The Ryokan - Chitoseya is pure Japanese style hotel in Sendai, Japan. We are located in the center of Sendai city, Odawara. The guest room is Japanese style, Tatami, all rooms. The historical culture building in Japan, such as Toshogu, is located in the neighborhood of a hotel. You've come all the way to Japan, so we'd like to help you experience as much of the beauty and culture of Japan as possible.

Visitor or Youth Hostel plan

The Chitoseya - Ryokan has two type of stay plan, visitor plan and Youth Hostel plan. A youth hostel plan has restriction in service. When you want to receive a great reception, you will select visitor plan.


We look forward to your visit

  • tatami room
  • tatami room
  • tatami room
  • tatami room
  • tatami room
  • tatami room
  • tatami room
  • tatami room

Our GUEST ROOM is an all-rooms Japanese-style room, TATAMI room.Therefore, you can go to sleep with HUTON.You can taste emotion of Japan with the scent of a tatami.


We look forward to your visit


Use of the Internet

We have set up a wired LAN or public Wi-Fi. However, please bring your own computer.
You can use the Internet using a coin-type (Charge 30 minutes : 100 yen) personal computer.
In case you check e-mail, please use by all means.

Smoking room

Chitose-ya is all-rooms prohibition of smoking.
You can smoke tobacco only in a smoking room.
The smoking room faces the courtyard and it is very easy to pass it.

Powerful washing machine

With Wash direr.
Much washing is no Problem with this washing machine.
(Charge 100 - 300yen)

Other Facilitys

Vending machine(juice, Beer etc)
++ After bathing, please drink cold drink. But it is attention to excessive drinking.
Rental bicycle
(200 yen per hour / 1,000 yen, whole day)
** It is very convenient to sightsee the Sendai street.


We look forward to your visit

Chitoseya Ryokan

6 Chome-3-8 Odawara Aoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi, Japan 980-0003
TEL:+81 22-213-8001 FAX:+81 22-265-7551


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