Chitoseya Ryokan
Sendai Japan

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Transportation (To Sendai Station)

From Sendai International Airport Approx, 17minutes ( Use Sendai Airport Transit)
From Tokyo Station Approx, 100minutes ( Use Tohoku Shinkansen)

On foot from Sendai Station to Chitoseya

About 25 minutes from the Sendai station west exit.About 20 minutes from the Sendai station east exit.

Access Check Point

The signboard of Chitoseya is near the gas station along the Miyamachi Street. From here, 2nd traffic light turn to right.
And Then you can see the "Turuha-drag" store. Turn to left this corner.


We look forward to your visit

Information on the Chitoseya area

There are various festivals and entertainment in Sendai / Tohoku where there is Chitenrya.
It is within walking distance from the hotel to the small festival in the neighborhood and the festival venue where the Tanabata Festival etc, which is also highly known nationwide, is held.
Please enjoy the festivities based on the Chitoseya by all means.


Sendai Toshogu Spring Festival

This festival is a festival of Sendai / Toshogu Shrine near our hotel. Sendai Toshogu is returning home after the tour of Tegumi Ieyasu Kasai Ieyasu Kasai Osaki Ikko, was rested at the present Sendai ? Toshogu Shrine, was chosen as the place of seduction as a place of the deity festival. And it was built in May, 1649 by Date Tadashune, the lord of the second generation of the Sendai ? Date family. This festival is held grandly every year to celebrate erection。

Saturday and Sunday the 3rd April | ホームページ
Sendai International Half Marathon Competition

Sendai International Half Marathon Competition (sponsored by Sendai City, Sendai City Board of Education, Sendai City Sports Promotion Agency, Miyagi Athletics Association, Miyagi Disabled People Athletics Association, Hebei Shimpo Company, Tohoku Broadcasting), Miyagi Athletic Club of Sendai Starting the stadium, it will be held at the Japan Athletic Recognition Course of 21.0975 km, with Sendai City People Plaza as the goal. Since 2006, it has been changed to a course with less up / down, and it has been reborn into a high speed course. The top runner of the world runs through the city of Du every time.

Second Sunday in May | ホームページ
Aoba Festival

The Aoba Festival is a festival originating from the Sendai festival, a festival of the Sendai clan in the Edo period.This festival was once discontinued.The present Aoba Festival celebrated 350 years after the death of Masamune Date Date in 1985, the "Aoba Festival" which had been discontinued for many years revived as a citizen's festival.This festival is held grandly as one of the Sendai 3 major festivals.Yamaboko tour and sparrow dance etc will be held on the Jozenji Street on a magnificent basis.

On the 3rd Sunday in May and the day before that | ホームページ

Tourist information

Chitoseya Ryokan
Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium

An apuariume has appeared here in Sendai Where marine life shines, and marine organisms provide excitement and dreams;

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Chitoseya Ryokan
Yagiyama zoo park

It is a zoo that is loved by old Sendai citizens who opened in 1936 and moved to Yagiyama now in 1965. There are many precious animals such as Sumatran tiger, African elephant, giraffe, polar bear and so on. This zoo hosts various events throughout the year.

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Chitoseya Ryokan
Sendai station (JR, subway)

Sendai station, the gateway to the touhoku. It is a terminal station of JR each line. There are a lot of shopping buildings around the station, and it is crowded with tourists everyday.

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Chitoseya Ryokan

Iwate , Chusonji temple which was also registered as a world heritage site. From the hotel you can visit in about 90 minutes by car. Chusonji was held in Jiaxiang 3rd year (850), and high priest Miyuki Oda Yujin (Hikiiden Eni) of Hieiyama Enryakuji. Later, in the beginning of the 12th century, Oshu Fujiwara 's first generation Kiyoho Hako established the construction of a large - scale pagoda. The purpose of the Chusonji Temple's establishment of Seijoongkyo is to say "Michinoku" without conspiring against the enemy ally spirit of the living beings who died in the war (9 years old and 3 years battle) that lasted in the Tohoku region in the latter half of the 11th century It was to build a French country (a peaceful ideal society by the teachings of France) in the Tohoku district that was regarded as a remote side. It was also a determination of non-warfare of Kiyosho who was lost his father and his wife and child because of the war and was forced to fight the bone flesh. Kiyohito has started the establishment of Chusonji in Changji 2 (1105). First built a tower in Sekiyama which is the center of the Tohoku region, built a treasure temple with Buddha ? Takara Tathagata lined up in the center of the precincts, followed by Shakado establishing a hundred shakyakunai I will. This cathedral construction is a concrete representation of a famous scene that is described in the Lotus Sutra. Kannado is a must-see. Please come and visit once when you come here. Around Chusonji, there are many facilities with historical emotions such as Mogoshiji and Fujiwara no Tomi.

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Chitoseya Ryokan
Jozenji Street

Jozenji street which always shows bustle regardless of the season.Big events such as the Aoba Festival in the spring, the Tanabata in the summer and the pageant in the winter light are done.Zelkova trees in the fresh green season have something to be refreshed.It is a 20-minute walk from the hotel.Please enjoy the festival of Sendai.

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Chitoseya Ryokan

Higonokami tai-ra no sada yoshi k?, the founder of Higo, who should also be called the founder, was a cabinet of the Tairanoshigemori K?(Minister of Internal Affairs, Dr. Komatsu). Even after Heike was defeated by the battle of Dannoura, he protected the spirit image of Amitabha Nyori entrusted by Denpa Heikeumi, hiding behind Genji and hiding in this place. In this place, Sadayuki has still changed the world and changed its name to "definition". Amida Nyorai is known as "Definition Tathagata" This is the reason why Sadayoko is a secret hiding behind the ninth year of the ninth year (1198) July 7th, 60 years old, there In keeping the duty of Sadako and building the Kodo on the public grave, he kept the treasure axis of the Taco-son and protected it. H?ei three years (1706), descendant descended Hayasaka Genpei himself left and went on to take the "Kokorozan Nishigataji" as "Hara Shosha's good idea". It means that there is a benefit to marriage / safe delivery. Zyogi-san is "aburaage". it's delicious. It is 40 minutes from the hotel.

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Chitoseya Ryokan
Sendai Castle Ruins

Sendai Castle was built in 1602 by the first lord Sendai domain Masamune Date Date.It was a mountain castle surrounded by the Hirose River on the east side, the mountain forest on the west side, and the Ryunokuchi Valley on the south side. Present Although there is no castle in existence, you can see the city center of Sendai from castle ruins.Here is the statue of Masamune Date, also a symbol of Sendai.

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Chitoseya Ryokan
Sendai Mediatheque

Sendai ? Mediatheque is a building that catches the glass-eyed eyes facing Jozenji-dori Street.There are several innovative galleries and studios in the building, and events such as lectures, theaters and screenings are always held.

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Chitoseya Ryokan
Yamadera (rissyaku-zi)

The Yama-dera built in the cliff is also in the tourist zone from our hotel! The mountain temple is correctly called Takusuyama Tateishiji, a palace of Tendai sect, which was opened by Merciful Demonist due to the petition of the Emperor Seiwa 2nd year (860). The big building in the front is the Nemoto Nakadodo of the important designated cultural property of the country. First year of Yunimoto (1356) First Yamagata Castle ? It was rebuilt by Konomi, a birthplace building ? It is a building with 4 sides between 5 buildings, which is said to be Japan's oldest in beech wood building, the format of Tendai Buddhist dojo is well preserved ing. Inside, there is a wooden medicine Nagara aristocrat religiously telling that it is a work by Daijiri Daishi, and when the reconstruction of Enryakuji by the burning of Oda Nobunaga's burning of the one where the religious doctor divides it into Tateishi Temple, You can worship the immortal lantern that you separated from. Please use JR ? Sensan line from the hotel.

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Chitoseya Ryokan
Ru-pule Sendai

Rupu Sendai is a one-day ticket, a sightseeing bus that you can get on and off freely from anywhere. If you would like to taste the charm of Sendai in a short time and you want to spend your time slowly with a retro bus, please use it.

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Chitoseya Ryokan
Matsushima (Japan's three scenic spots)

The three most scenic spots in Japan Matsushima is also a tourist destination of the day speaking from Chitoseya. The scenery in the morning and evening is a magnificent view. Especially at first sight see the scenery from Otaka Forest, Tomiyama, Tamonzan, Oogiya . Matsushima is famous for its winter specialty and squid (kaki). Life is also delicious, but baked goods and classic oysterflies are also delicious.

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Chitoseya Ryokan

Zuiho is a mausoleum dedicated to Date Masamune. It disappeared once by the war damage, but now it was rebuilt splendidly. Please enjoy the elegant architectural style of the Momoyama period.

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We look forward to your visit

Chitoseya Ryokan

6 Chome-3-8 Odawara Aoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi, Japan 980-0003
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